Pottery Studio

Pottery studio with access to the  wheel, glazes, angobes , clay and tools - everything you find useful to make your art. Your loved ones do not have to be bored, they can swim in the pool or in the nearby lakes, climb trees, make hiking and biking trips, relax in the shade of trees reading books from our library, get to know the beautiful nature of Bory Tucholskie and experience the power of adventures :) They can also join you in the studio and e.g. paint, draw, play with clay. Price 150 zł/ person

Open Studio

90 PLN/h

  • Open 3h/a day
  • Mon-Fri 16:00-19:00
  • professional instructor support
  • access to an equipped ceramic workshop
  • access to clay, glazes and tools.
    One professional ceramic wheel for adults and two for children.
  • Ceramic kiln for firing and drying room for works

Clay for hand building

15 PLN/kg

  • clay with chamotte 40%
  • grid 0,5 mm
  • colour red
  • Firing range 1000 °C -1300°C

Clay for throwing

15 PLN/kg

  • chamotte 0%
  • color White
  • Firing range 1000 °C – 1240 °C.